Take Charge of Your Budget.
Save Your Energy for What Matters Most.

AEC is offering an exciting new payment option for new and existing residential members. Co-op FlexPay allows you to obtain service, monitor your electrical use, and manage your energy budget with

  • no security deposit
  • no late fees
  • no monthly billing statement

Think of it like the fuel gauge on your car. Or like a prepaid card for your cellphone service. After an initial minimum payment to open your Co-op FlexPay account, you’ll have the ability to track your daily balance—online or by phone—adding funds as needed in order to maintain a positive account status. To participate (or to learn more about this payment option), stop by our Service department or call 865.475.2032, ext. 1800. With Co-op FlexPay, the power of managing your energy use is now in YOUR hands!