Don't Become A Victim of Scams

Don't Become A Victim of Scams



AEC would like to remind its members to remain vigilant of Utility Scams in circulation. These fraudulent callers, posing as AEC, will attempt to threaten an immediate disconnection if an immediate payment is not submitted. BEWARE. Your trusted AEC employees would like to remind you that we will NEVER initiate a call and demand immediate payment or threaten immediate disconnection. If you are ever in doubt, PAUSE, and contact AEC for confirmation. We are committed to eliminating fraudulent scams on behalf of all of our members. For further information, contact the AEC Members Services Department at EXT. 1880.

Scammers hit both residential and commercial members. Never give personal information or financial resources out over the phone to someone you don't know. Never let anyone into your home unless you initiate the appointment..ALL AEC employees and contractors were photo ID badges with Co-op Phone numbers. Always remember, "If it sounds too good to be true, it's probably a scam". Beware! Please pass this message along to every family member and every friend you have.







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